Advance eSheet February 6-10, 2017

(Wisconsin Court of Appeals, unpublished signed panel opinion)

Krebsbach v. MMIC Insurance Inc., 2016AP179, Feb 08, 2017. In medical malpractice action, jury instruction asked did physician "fail to disclose to Tina Krebsbach the risks and benefits of proceeding with a vaginal delivery and the alternative of a delivery by cesarean section?" After verdict for plaintiff, court granted motion for new trial on ground that whether alternative should have been presented to patient was itself a jury question. Retrial resulted in defense verdict. Plaintiff appealed on ground new trial should not have been granted. On appeal, court holds objection to plaintiff's proposed instruction and providing proper alternative instruction was sufficient, even if explanation of objection at verdict conference was less clear than in post-trial motion. [Trial judge commented "that's normal."] see WIS. STAT. § 805.13(3) (2015-16). Since in circumstance of this case jury could find that a reasonable patient would not have wanted information about cesarean section, form of question at first trial was improper. That plaintiff's counsel's closing argument was consistent with the applicable law did not cure the error.

(Wisconsin Court of Appeals, per curiam)

Northern Trust Co. v Styberg, 2016AP19, Feb 08, 2017. Quiet-title case. "The court concluded that Smith failed to show that it adversely possessed the disputed area for twenty continuous years, a requirement to obtain title by adverse possession under WIS. STAT. § 893.25 (2015-16). [footnote omitted] We affirm because Smith's predecessor in interest lacked the subjective intent to assert ownership to the parcel."
That prior owner testified that "he would not have made improvements to the claimed parcel had he known Styberg owned it. He also testified that the improvements were not done with an intent to acquire an interest in it."

Jordan v. Wille, 2015AP2636, Feb 09, 2017. Misrepresentation action turning on whether or not MLS listing showing tillable acreage properly included "marsh hay land", that is, "otherwise uncultivatable land on which, during growing seasons, grass grows that may be readily harvested and that is suitable for sale or productive use on a farm." Jury found misrepresentation but no damages. On appeal, court upheld admission as relevant of Agricultural Assessment Guide (Rev. 12/2013) on definition of tillable land as including marsh hay land. Objection to it as a "tax document" irrelevant to a non-tax case did not preserve issue on appeal framed as "improper imprimatur of legal authority". Trial court had allowed plaintiff's expert to testify as to another government agency's definition and to own expert opinion.

(U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit)

Bird v. Berryhill, No. 16-2000, Justia U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion Summaries, February 11, 2017; Labor & Employment Law and Public Benefits



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