CTCW President's Column

WDC Journal Edition: May 2002
By: Pat Brennan - CTCW President

CTCW is an organization I have been proud to be affiliated with for many years. During the course of a one-year presidency, one can only hope to develop a few new ideas and nurture others that have been proposed in the past. This is a year of profound change, and fortunately, we are getting a lot of help in keeping CTCW effective in serving our members' needs.

All volunteer organizations run on the time and spirit of its members and CTCW is no exception. Many opportunities for service are available: amicus committee, legislative, substantive law groups, speaking at seminars and writing for the newsletter. All of these endeavors help enhance one's practice and benefit the profession as a whole.

Our past president, Bill Wicke, sought to improve our newsletter; that process has started with the selection and assent of Sue Tyndall to act as editor of a more scholarly journal. Eventually we hope to distribute the newsletter electronically. Speaking of electronic communication, CTCW members will soon have the ability to effectively e-mail to all other members. This will permit us to request information about experts, share trial court decisions, and provide immediate notice of other items of interest.

I plan on developing closer links with affiliated organizations. The days are gone when our members could be tied in exclusively with the insurance industry. We will build on relationships with the Wisconsin Claims Council, and reach out to manufacturing, business, and various professional organizations. That process has already started with a get-acquainted meeting with the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) on February 19th.

The board has selected a professional firm to help with the management of our organization. We hope you will call CTCW's new phone number of 414-276-1881 and talk to Jane Svinicki or Marty Tirado. The Svinicki firm provides association management services to numerous other entities, and we're excited about the experience Jane and her staff bring us, from newsletter and seminar organization, to website work and membership. We hope Jim Hough will continue the lobbying service he has provided for years, and we welcome his assistance in the future with legislative matters.

CTCW has a great track record and much to offer its members and those that we serve. There is no other group like it in the state. Everything is devoted to serving our members interests. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to work on your behalf.