A Letter from the Editor

WDC Journal Edition: Spring 2006
By: Susan Tyndall - Editor-In-Chief, Wisconsin Civil Trial Journal

I have mixed feelings at announcing that this issue is my last as editor of this journal. While I have enjoyed my time as the editor, it is time to let someone else take the helm. Kevin Ferguson of American Family will take over as your new editor, while I will join the editorial board to provide continuity as the journal continues to evolve.

Editing the journal is no easy task. While some CTCW members love to write and submit articles on their own, most of the articles are solicited by the editor. The editor follows up with the authors to secure the articles, then edits them, submits them to the editorial board, further revises them and finally, oversees the publishing process. It takes a lot of time, but it is worth it. Each time a new journal arrives in my mailbox, I am proud of the accomplishments of the CTCW and the dedicated authors who give their time to enlighten us all.

I am pleased that in this issue, my last issue, our first letter to the editor appears, a reaction to the most recent President’s Page. This journal is dedicated to the education of CTCW members, and what better way to educate each other than to communicate? If you disagree with an article, have new authority or a different viewpoint, please write a letter to the editor or an article of your own. The exchange of ideas is paramount to the continued vitality of CTCW.
In that vein, this issue contains an article by Richard Zaffiro, who was called for jury duty, then wrote about how his perspective changed after a day in the jury box. His article provides great insight into the jury process that we, as practitioners, tend to lose sight of. We all have life experiences that can foster improvement in our practices. Share yours.

As I pass the torch on to Kevin, I want to thank the CTCW board for all of its support of the journal. I thank the editorial board members for their time in carefully reviewing the articles and suggesting revisions. The CTCW staff, particularly Marty Tirado, deserves thanks for their efforts, not only in publishing the journal, but helping to secure authors and articles. Without participation from all of these people and organizations, the journal simply couldn’t exist.

I will miss editing the journal and working with you, but I will enjoy the extra free time. Please continue to support the journal, and assist Kevin in his new role, by maintaining your CTCW membership, encouraging new members to join and, of course, writing articles for inclusion in the journal.