WDC Membership


Who Can Join?

WDC is a statewide association of attorneys who practice primarily in the defense of civil litigation. WDC was formed in 1962 and has grown to over 450 attorneys. We offer a variety of activities, opportunities, and services for the civil defense attorney.

WDC bylaws state that eligible WDC members are, "Any member of the State Bar of Wisconsin and who devotes a substantial portion of his or her professional time in the defense of civil litigation."

Educational Opportunities

WDC holds three education programs during the year, all of which provide continuing legal education (CLE) credits. Our strong, substantive programs present the latest developments in the field of civil litigation. These programs also bring together insurance industry claims staff and civil defense attorneys to share and discuss common problems and concerns on an informal basis.

Our three yearly conferences include a spring seminar in April, our Annual meeting in August, and our winter, ethics-focused program in December.

WDC Benefits

WDC is the only statewide organization which is specifically designed to meet the needs and solve the problems of the defense civil trial attorney. Joining will give you an opportunity to meet and work with the civil defense bar throughout the State of Wisconsin.

Member benefits include:

  • Print and electronic access to WDC’s Wisconsin Civil Trial Journal, which includes reports and analysis regarding current legal topics and matters of interest to the civil defense bar
  • Updates from and access to Hamilton Consulting regarding legislative matters of interest
  • Access to amicus curiae brief support in appellate cases of significance and importance to the defense bar
  • Weekly Advance eSheet with selected cases, posts, links and circuit court decisions of interest
  • Opt-in communication through the member list serve to share and request information, such as expert materials
  • The opportunity to participate in our new committees to bolster or expand your areas of practice
  • Access to WDC’s circuit court decision database
  • Position papers regarding current issues of legislation affecting civil litigation
  • Inclusion on the WDC Web site, linked to your website
  • Support for and participation in the National Association of Local Defense Groups, held in conjunction with the Defense Research Institute, Inc.

Firm Membership:

Firms where 10 or more attorneys are members of WDC are eligible to pay a set dues amount based on the number of members.

Number of Members Dues per firm:
10-15 Members $195/member
16-20 Members $180/member
21-30 Members $165/member
More than 30 Members $160/member

Individual Membership:

Individual members or firms where less than ten attorneys are members of WDC are eligible to pay a set dues amount per attorney.

Fees are based upon years admitted to the bar:
Admitted to the Bar 3 yrs. or less $120
Admitted to the Bar 4 - 10 yrs. $219
Admitted to the Bar 11 - 20 yrs. $219
Admitted to the Bar 21 yrs. or more $219


Download the WDC Membership Brochure