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The voice of the Wisconsin defense bar, influencing public policy, providing opportunities for networking and creating referral sources.

Wisconsin Defense Counsel (WDC) is a premier statewide organization of more than 375 defense attorneys. Our primary role is to provide a professional defense for individuals and businesses involved as defendants in civil lawsuits. The association was founded in 1962 and is dedicated to the defense of Wisconsin citizens and businesses, the maintenance of an equitable civil justice system, and the education of its attorney members.

WDC bylaws state, "The Board of Directors may establish categories of membership. Any member of the StateBar of Wisconsin who devotes 50 percent or more of his or her professional time to the defense of civil litigation is eligible for full membership. Any person or entity who devotes less than 50% of his or her professional time to defense of civil litigation is eligible for an associate membership. The Board of Directors may, in their discretion, restrict participation at meetings, seminars and other events, list serv participation, and service on the Board of Directors or as an Officer of WDC to those with full membership."

The Benefits of Membership

Education: WDC holds three education programs during the year, all of which provide continuing legal education (CLE) credits. 

Expert Witness & Deposition Requests: Members can find expert witnesses or copies of depositions in various subject fields by using the knowledge and experience of other members. Requests are sent by broadcast email to all WDC members.

Web Resources: Members are included in a searchable database on the WDC web site with a link to your web site. Members can also obtain all the seminar outlines that are presented at WDC educational events online. These outlines are a quick and easy way to get access to the latest information on various topics.

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WDC Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission: Wisconsin Defense Counsel exists to promote and protect the interests of civil litigation defense attorneys and their clients by providing professional education and development, fostering collegiality, promoting principles of diversity and inclusion and striving to ensure equal access to justice for all defendants.

Our Vision: Delivering superior legal services with integrity and professionalism.

Our Values: Educate; Diversity & Inclusion; Collegiality; Integrity; Development; and Service

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