About WDC

Our Mission

Wisconsin Defense Counsel exists to promote and protect the interests of civil litigation defense attorneys and their clients by providing professional education and development, fostering collegiality, promoting principles of diversity and inclusion and striving to ensure equal access to justice for all defendants.

Our Vision

Delivering superior legal services with integrity and professionalism.

Our Values

  1. EDUCATE - Provide high-quality, relevant and practical continuing legal education to members across multiple channels and platforms.

  2. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION - Embrace diversity and inclusion within WDC leadership, its membership and in the practice of law.

  3. COLLEGIALITY - Promote collegiality by organizing events where members have the opportunity to network and socialize.

  4. INTEGRITY - Seek out opportunities to partner with members of the judiciary, government officials and the plaintiff’s bar to promote equal access to justice for all and civility in the practice of law.

  5. DEVELOPMENT - Assist young attorneys and law students in their development by offering basic skills training clinics, continuing legal education targeted at young lawyers and/or students, encouraging members to offer internship opportunities and discounted membership fees.

  6. SERVICE - Provide members with opportunities to serve communities and individuals through charitable initiatives and personal service activities.


We live in a society characterized by a growing "see you in court" mentality. More and more disputes and claims for injury are resulting in civil lawsuits.

For every civil suit, there is a defendant or defendants on the receiving end of the action. For every person who claims money damages, there is a defendant who is being asked to pay those damages.

The defendant may be a small business owner, a corporation, your neighbor or you . . . with - or without - your insurance carrier.

The legal defense against these claims to which you and your property are entitled is summed up in the mission statement of the WDC.

Justice - A Delicate Balance

WDC's over 350 members firmly believe in the rights of the injured to be fairly compensated; equally they believe that the defendant's rights are crucial to the integrity of the court system. The defendants they represent, as well as their insurance carriers, must also receive fair and equal treatment under the law.

Our legal system can only be preserved when the fragile balance of impartial justice is maintained.

WDC members are advocates for the rights of people or businesses sued. Our primary role is to provide a professional defense for people and businesses involved in civil lawsuits.

Get Involved with the WDC!

As a valued member of WDC, here are the best ways you can get engaged with the WDC community and make the most of your membership:

  1. Join a WDC Committee 
  2. Update your WDC Member Profile 
  3. Attend our yearly conferences
  4. Check out outlines and presentations from previous conferences 
  5. Utilize the WDC Discussion Forum
  6. Explore the library of current and archived Civil Trial Journal issues